Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart lookalike Stephen Long, i was born the day Bogie died, his son was also called Stephen, i didn't know this until recently, also strange is the fact that i studied method acting at drama school for 3 yrs, and throughout i was always drawn to his style of acting, to me he was always cool,strong, and he looked deep within the character he was playing, i found that doing the bogie technique, as i called it, really helped me into character, he had fun with his characters, so do i, i believe in the character I'm playing, that way the audience will believe in the character and not see me.Although I'm a method actor, I've played straight guys, tough guys, musical (Bernardo, West side Story) (the Knave of Hearts, Panto, Alice in Wonderland) Comedy roles, police men, gangsters, Soldier Kieth a leading role in award wining British short film Borderland, and i was asked how a method actor could do Shakespeare when i auditioned for Oswald in King Lea, but i got the part, iv had many roles,i was even sent as a shadow with the Manchester CID (police) for two weeks to research a detective i was playing, the top and bottom of it is, i love what i do,and do what i love.
This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship,(Casablanca), The stuff that dreams are made of, (The Maltese Falcon),
Here's looking at you kid". http://www.bogielookalike.co.uk/